Pratt, Read & Co., Ivory Goods
1856 – 1924

from Supplement to The Deep River New Era. August 25, 1899

The business history of Pratt, Read & Co. extends over a period of ninety years, and is so closely interwoven with the industrial history of the town as to he an integral part of it. It began in a small way in the manufacture by hand of ivory combs, which were made by Phineas Pratt as early as 1809. Later George Read was associated with him, continuing till 1816. Then Mr. Read withdrew and united with the firm of Ezra Williams & Co. In 1824 and 1825 Mr. Pratt was asso­ciated with Alfred Worthington, under the name of Pratt & Worthington. After Mr. Worthington’s decease in 1830, the firm of U. & A. Pratt was formed. In 1844 they were suc­ceeded by Pratt, Spencer & Co., and in 1850 the name was changed to Pratt Brothers & Co. In 1856 this last men­tioned firm erected what is now known as the West factory.  >>more

Pratt, Read & Co., Gould Aeronautical Division

from The Hartford Courant, October 16, 2003

Edith DeForest, Deep River Historical Society curator: “The glider program was actually a job-saving measure for Pratt, Read and Co., which produced piano keys and other ivory products at factories in Deep River and the Ivoryton section of Essex. Ivory products were not critical to the war effort and the company was directed by the War Production Board in February 1942 to shift production to materials related to the war effort.” >> more

from Wikipedia

The Pratt-Read TG-32 was a 1940s American military training glider, designed and built by the Gould Aeronautical Division of the piano manufacturer Pratt, Read & Company of Deep River, Connecticut, for the United States Navy. The Pratt-Read glider was a monoplane glider having a fabric-covered steel tube fuselage and wooden wings and tail. The unique “polywog” shape was the suggestion of aerodynamicist Charles Townsend Ludington, former owner of the Ludington Line.  >> more

Esico-Triton International: Hand Soldering Tools
1928 – 2018

ESICO-TRITON INTERNATIONAL has been manufacturing quality production proven soldering equipment since 1928. From the beginning, ETI has focused on engineering, manufacturing, and distributing soldering irons, tips, and solder pots of the highest standard. In 1987, Triton (manufacturer of the widely known PTH resistance soldering tool) was added to the company. In 1994 the Ideal line of resistance soldering tools joined the company, broadening the line of resistance tools offered.

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Pandemonium Rainforest Project
2022 –

The Pandemonium Rainforest Project, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a world-class, hands on, educational experience to the public, designed to cement our commitment to the rescue, rehabilitation and proper re-homing of reptiles and parrots. This will be accomplished by inspiring people to love and respect these animals while developing an understanding of the importance of their respective ecosystems.

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