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To prove I was serious about working for Segway in some capacity, I purchased the Segway HT from the only dealer in Connecticut at the time: Segway of Westbrook.

Then … to capture the interest (and freelance work) of Segway’s corporate marketing department in Bedford, NH, I created a series of point-of-purchase displays. (Click image below to enlarge.)

Suzanne Benton, a Fulbright Scholar, successfully navigated many pathways in her creative pursuit … sculptor … mask performer … printmaker.

Among her many talents … creating masks in the tradition of Greek tragedy and then performing in that tradition such legendary women as Medea and Electra.

It was a daunting task to satisfy her vision for her business stationery, but after innumerable presentations, I lucked out with this concept incorporating a metallic copper Pantone ink.

High Hopes: Therapeutic Riding in Old Lyme, CT … “offers equine-assisted programs to individuals of all ages who face physical, behavioral and developmental challenges.”

The restricted budget for their annual report meant two-color printing, but with a little persuasion a circular die-cut was added to the cover.

Business Education, Coaching & Training for the Beauty Industry

For 11 years I was Strategies’s staff graphic designer. Working with the marketing director, we established the “look” for all Strategies print and web material. Working with the CEO and founder, I designed three books.

Additional projects included … new logo and branding; monthly 16-page magazine; course catalogs; brochures; postcards; manuals & PowerPoints; website updates; event banners & swag; posters; weekly blogpost; digital display with motion graphics; and much more.

In 1999 Zurich Re held an annual Client & Broker Conference in Naples, Florida. The brief was to create a memorable promotion. Among several concepts proposed this pear-shaped, wooden container won the day. When opened, it revealed a positive message that played on the Y2K fears leading up to the new millennium:
Y2K … Enough Dire Predictions”
“Z2K … Just Solutions”

Dr. David E. Apter, the Henry J. Heinz Professor Emeritus of Comparative Political and Social Development and Senior Research Scientist at Yale University, traveled widely and witnessed many pivotal political changes around the world. He kept a photolog and towards the end of his teaching career, self-published with my graphic support three books that recorded his experiences:

  • Today’s Past: Images of Africa from 1952 to 1960
  • From Cave to Square: Images of the 1989 Student Movement in Tiananmen Square
  • Beyond Representation: Japan, China, Israel, France, Wallingford

For several years under two artistic directors – Nobel Barker and Phillip Otto – I produced posters and supporting material promoting the New Haven Ballet’s school and featured performances, particularly the annual holiday favorite The Nutcracker and a special performance by American Ballet Theater stars Julie Kent and Angel Corella.

For 22 years I produced Under the Elm magazine for GE’s The Elfun Society. (“Elfun” – short for Electrical Fund.) The Society was made up of about 30,000 upper level managers.

During the Jack Welch years as GE’s CEO, Elfun was charged with the mission to promote volunteerism among it’s members, and Under the Elm was the in-house publication chronicaling Elfun’s success.

In 1981 Shambhala Publications published The Power of Limits: Proportional Harmonies in Nature, Art, and Architecture by Gyorgy Doczi, a Hungarian architect. Doczi argues that the Fibonacci Sequence, an infinite series of numbers where the next number is found by adding up the two numbers before it, creates a pattern that is seen in nature at all scales. The pattern geometrically is a “logarithmic spiral, characterized by the golden section’s proportions … and called the pattern of ‘whirling squares.’”

A natural connection with the obvious “C” plus the addition of my symbol for trademark with the “T” inside a circle, my logo was born.

Click logo  >>  DigiFLIP 4-D Puzzle Card … a cleverly constructed paper template by Relyco.com that folds in on itself.

Since 2006, I have created a one-page calendar built around my paintings and graphics, and notable and not so notable quotes.

For 2018, it’s an excerpt from Charles Bukowski’s poem Roll The Dice (“… ride life straight through to perfect laughter …”) and a standout phrase from Joni Mitchell’s popular song Big Yellow Taxi (“Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.”). Click an image to enlarge.

For 2019, it’s the SmartFlower … an ingenious solution to a solar energy converter: beautiful and smart …  autonomous and self-cleaning. In the words of its president, Jim Gordon …

“More and more people want energy independence and to control their energy future. The SmartFlower empowers any homeowner or property owner to buy the system, and within a few hours, they’re producing their own clean energy.”

Visit SmartFlowerSolar.com.