Iconic Black & White “Color is everything, black and white is more.” – Dominic Rouse

Portraits :: Family & Friends

 MomPortrait-v1-1000x1383 Bonnie - Mom, singer extraordinaire
 Steph-NH-v1-1000x1383 Stephanie - my beloved
 Pam-SeaIsland-v1-1000x1383 Pam - sister, author & world traveler
 Peter-B&W-v2-1000x1382 Peter - nephew, concert engineer
 Dad-Seaisland-v1-1000x1383 Ron - Dad, designer & artist at 95
 Iconic_Nick_v2-1000x1382 Nick Santoro - stone sculptor

Buildings & Landscapes

 DR-BarnRuin1-650x488 Good Bones 1 (Deep River)
 DR-BarnRuin2-650x488 Good Bones 2 (Deep River)
 DR-BarnRuin3-650x488 Good Bones 3 (Deep River)
 Spiderweb-Nantucket-1383x1000 Maze Runner (Nantucket)
 Clark_Tadao-Entrance2-1383x1000 Lunder Center - The Clark (MA)
 TheClark_ConservationLab3-1383x1000 Conservation Wing - The Clark (MA)